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Leaders need to deal with paradoxes in times of COVID

COVID 19 – A dialect moment in time - Embracing paradox is key - You are the tool


Two possible outcomes of the pandemic are discussed in public – the negative idea of complete destruction and the developing of something new and better. The results of the pandemic seem to oscillate between the two opposing developments of either the apocalypse comes over us or a newborn and thus better phoenix comes out of the ashes. Interestingly both images are Christian symbols once connected with the Bible, however they have left that context and entered ordinary language. They represent on one side night and destruction and on the other side sun and resurrection - the world will go under or the world will completely renew itself. We can call this a paradoxicalor a dialectical moment in time.

Before we start to look at how to deal with paradoxical problems, I would like to share my observations about the two opposing perspectives.

Please find the full paper here: COVID 19 A dialectical moment in time - Embracing paradox

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